Mossa Minimal was founded in 2020 after a short encounter of two women madly in love with slow fashion and minimalism, craving a change in the fashion industry. It only took us a few moments to realize that we could do great things together and make this change happen. That day we planted a seed of a sustainable fashion brand that would represent everything we believed a fashion brand could be: beautiful, ethical and mindfull of the environment. We have been nurturing that seed day by day, searching for sustainable options we were not even sure existed. Slowly, our seed began to grow into a small plant. We were learning that nothing is impossible and wonderful things were at our reach. 

We poured our hearts and souls into designing the products, but also into making this brand stand for our values. We made it our mission to never compromise on what we believe in, because mossa minimal is not just a fashion brand it's a lifestyle brand. Lifestyle built around self-love and protecting our mother Earth. 

Nature is our ultimate inspiration, which is portrayed in the textures and the colours of our collections. We strive to design garments that look and feel wonderful, almost like our second skin, but also to make every part of the design process honour our privilege to life on this precious planet. Every detail of every garment is made in a sustainable way. 

Our goal is to always stay true to our beliefs. We believe that:

  • slow fashion is the future of fashion. It means buying less, but better. Better quality, better design, better fabrics. Simply chosing garments that are made to last.
  • zero waste approach is the most sustainable approach. Refusing the unnessesary, reducing the waste, reusing what we can and recycling or rotting what we can't.
  • mindfull choices allow us to live a fuller and happier life. Our everyday choices have power to change lifes, our own and those of others. Supporting fair trade practices means we advocate for those who stand behind the products we choose. 
  • minimalism can free our spaces and our minds. Valuing what we have, choosing well and abandoning the idea of always wanting more is a very liberating experience. 
  • building a capsule wardrobe allows us to open a dialogue with ourselves. We get to know our needs, our likes and our dislikes. Instead of following all trends we choose what suits us best. It’s a way to build an intímate relation with our clothes to truly reflect who we are. 
  • the beauty is in the simplicity. 

Our story is still being written and we are excited to have you as a part of our journey. Together we can make our tiny seed grow into a mighty forest.


Kasia & Agata